Non sibi sed patriae

A true and actual “Hero”.

Just Cruisin 2

I’m beginning to think the left and the media toss
around words to lessen their impact on those of us
who aren’t buying the bull they’re shipping. Words
that used to have meaning and would invoke
emotions with just an utterance are now being
turned into meaningless drivel.

When Bruce Jenner got a boob job, shaved his body
hair, and slipped into a slinky gown he was hailed
a hero, courageous, and brave. We will never equate
those words to likes the Jenner.

Those words belong to people like Army Captain
Will Swenson who was awarded the Medal of Honor. If
you are left wing you may ask why. Well watch the
video and if it doesn’t get your eyes leaking, you
aren’t human.

Where will this nonsense end? We have men claiming
they are women, women saying they are men, a white
woman who thinks she’s black, and another…

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